Already employed in ancient Roman baths, lavender use has continued on through the centuries.

A simple lavender-scented bath for relaxation :
A few drops of essential oil in the bath for health and hygiene.

Voici quelques unes des vertus et utilisations de l’huile essentielle de lavandin, parmi tant d’autres :

Massages for getting some rest :

There is nothing like massaging the forehead and temples to unwind and fall asleep easier (a few drops on a soft handkerchief suffice).

On the skin :

• by friction, repeated 1/4heure bitter, calm and soothe mosquito bites, itching, muscle pain, strokes, rheumatism ;

• This is an excellent healing of the rift between the toes, small wounds, pimples, burns ;

• for toning massages, mix with a few drops of sweet almond oil, or petroleum jelly into batter ;

• on the scalp one or two drops are an excellent repellent against lice ;

In the bath :

• a few drops mixed with before a tablespoon of milk or powdered sugar is an invigorating bath and offer relaxation and healing ;

In the house :

• a few drops in water soil washing, the filter of the vacuum cleaner in the toilet

• In spray in cupboards, wardrobes to ward off moths or drapes, on dry bouquets, the potpourris, to clean the air ;

• In diffusers, nebulizers or incense burners, it removes odors from tobacco perfectly cold, or the smell of cooking while pleasantly perfuming your house ;

• A few drops along the borders in the washing machine, bring freshness to your clothes ;

• Solvent natural, it replaces the acetone to remove traces of adhesive bandages, and remove labels on bottles and flasks ;

• When mixed with beeswax, it is an excellent wax polish.



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